About Us

In January 2015 the Stagecoach Inn was reborn, with its new owners committed to restoring the landmark Garden City restaurant to its former glory and re-inventing the familiar, comfortable atmosphere they too had enjoyed for so many years.  The building had suffered neglect, and was in dire need of repair, cleaning, new equipment and a refreshed décor.

5 months later, the Stagecoach was ready for its much-anticipated re-opening.  Not one inch of space had been left untouched.  However, even with the many changes and upgrades, as if by destiny, the ‘Coach retained its feeling of comfort and familiarity –thanks to the deliberate and purposeful efforts of many skilled contractors, trades, designers and crew.

Calling on the experienced staff of prior years, including restaurant manager and co-owner, Wanda Martinat, the collaboration resulted in the Stagecoach Inn's current mission, not unlike the goals of its original owners, Willie Schrier and family:  "....to serve not only the most delicious western fare, but to earn and retain a reputation for impeccable service, honest value, and a dining experience like none other."