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Serving our famous steaks, prawns, and desserts since 1959.

Pair your meal with a glass of wine, cold beer, or classic cocktail.

We invite you to stop in and experience the hospitality of the 'Coach.

A Classic Western Icon

Serving up the Boise Area’s famous prawns, steaks, house-made desserts, cocktails, and warm hospitality.

The Stagecoach Inn has been a favorite dining destination in the Boise area since 1959.  The now-iconic restaurant shares a certain kind of history with the original stagecoach inns and taverns that dotted the west in years past.

"So much more than a restaurant, the Stagecoach is really an experience. Go back in time to the pioneer days … and the food and service are wonderful!"

– John G. 

"Another phenomenal meal with excellent service and awesome Idaho atmosphere! I had the sirloin steak with sauteed mushrooms, rice pilaf, and coleslaw and everything was phenomenal!"

– Jen B.

"The best Hometown Steakhouse in Boise! Thank you for the outstanding service and delicious food! Everything is prepared perfectly, and served by friendly, attentive, beautiful people!"

– Deanna T.

"Great old school restaurant. Casual place but very good food. The prawns were some of the largest I have ever seen. Great prime rib, great home made pies. Very reasonably priced and they made an excellent cocktail!"

– Jonathan H.

A Slice of History

Long before the widespread use of motorized transportation such as airplanes, automobiles and the so-called “Iron Horse”– the stagecoach was the best means of traversing this vast land, often traveling west to new opportunities in the expanding territories of our growing country.  Pulled by teams of horses –their steadfast drivers intent on the safe and swift delivery of mail, goods, people and currency– each stage would stop for a time along the route allowing passengers to eat, rest, and be entertained at a cozy tavern or inn.  There, the inn-keeper would provide valuable respite from rough roads, inclement weather, and oft-times dangerous travel.