Food & Drink

As a treasured landmark in the Boise Valley, the Stagecoach Inn long ago earned a well-deserved reputation for excellence: top-notch meals, sincere hospitality, and honest value in both food and drink. Not wanting to change what has always worked so well for us here, we continually strive to exceed expectations, serving high-quality meat and seafood, sourcing local produce, and creating our own in-house recipes for dressings, sauces, desserts, appetizers –and even bar mixers made from scratch.

Many recipes for our most-popular, favorite dishes are taken from the original Schrier family cookbook, created and perfected since 1959. And due to changing tastes, food & drink trends, as well as new products on the market, you can count on us to offer a variety of salads, sides, and entirely new menu items from time-to-time.

Behind the bar, of course, you’ll find a barkeep who is always willing to experiment with new flavors –or simply pour your old favorite, “the usual”.